The Next Level

Vanguard has a great track record of producing runners capable of running at the next level. Below is a list of runners who have competed for Vanguard’s cross country team and were able to earn scholarships to some of the most prestigious colleges in the country!

Andrew Bautel- Florida State University- 2001

Steven Hassen- University of Florida- 2003

Paul FitzPatrick- University of Central Florida- 2004

Michael Rodriguez- University of South Florida- 2005

Laura Hale- University of North Florida- 2005

Kelly Parrish- University of Tennessee- 2006

Michael Jenkins- Embry-Riddle- 2006

Darrin DeTorres- Embry-Riddle- 2006

Solomon Taylor- University of Florida- 2007

Augusta Dunse- Washington University in St. Louis- 2007

Elizabeth Cain- Davidson University- 2008

Tori Lawson- University of South Alabama- 2009

Kristin Moreau- Florida State University- 2010

Mary Scott Cain- Dartmouth College- 2010

Shelby Blaes- University of Central Florida- 2011

Emery Ramaswami- Florida Gulf Coast – 2012

Patrick Ledzian – Coast Guard Academy – 2013